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● Customer satisfaction
Triones will study the requirements of every customer to understand their demands and then offer the most reliable solutions and/or products available. Customers are fully respected and supported to succeed and get the maximum profit of their investment. 

● Respect to employees
Triones is committed to establish a healthy and harmonious working environment for its employees by treating everyone fairly. Time is given for everyone to play sports to promote good health and camaraderie. The management also arranged group leisure trips with the aim to develop trust and unity among the employees.

● Building confidence of the employees
Triones encourages each employee to learn and increase their knowledge, and to adopt sense of responsibility about their work.

● Career advancement 
Triones is providing constant training to employees on innovation design, encourage interaction among employees to create a harmonious working relationship, guide each employee to become responsible and brave to face setback and defeat, and in improving their self confidence.